Welcome to the campaign for “Queen of Lies.” This is a continuing campaign from a Forgotten Realms adventure that both Randy and I have put together for almost the last five years. The original adventure started off in D&D 3.5 and was later converted to Pathfinder rules.

Many of the players have been playing within the campaign for years and the newer faces have been around for a long time. I’m honored to have such a great group of friends to keep the campaign going and hope that everyone has a fun time.

The adventure takes place six months after the end of RHoD (ran by Randy Price). The adventurers will start in the city of Velprintalar in Aglarond which was the starting location from my early adventure. Where the players go from there will be up to them.

This page will be under construction and will be adding new material for the start of the campaign. Please stop back for further updates.

Queen of Lies

Treassa Corbus casiel